Monthly Archives: May 2014

What a week

Our little paradise turned a little sour this week when our Anglo Gasconne  dog ‘Trinity’ got herself gored by a wild boar for a second time this month. She is fine. The sanglier population is very high this year. See at least two early Saturday morning on the way to the organic market in Narbonne. Had to take her to vet Monday. Then weather has turned very mountainous. High winds (100km gusts) and horizontal rain. Visibility low.  Our organic aromatics don’t know if they are coming or going. Catch up planned for the next two days though for the moment growth is at a standstill!



Our little paradise

The Domaine de Montrouch is situated in the high Corbieres hills in the Aude. We are at an altitude of 400 metres looking towards the Pyrenees and the castle of Queribus. It is a glorious spring morning as I write, birds are singing and the plants are zinging.

A perfect day to care for, plant and re-pot our organic herbs, not to mention the copious watering!