Monthly Archives: June 2014

Another busy week for our beautiful plants

Spent 4 days this week at the equivalent of a country show here in our lovely Aude. 4 days work and not a lot of cash to show for it. However it was worth it’s weight in gold for all the contacts we made and all the fantastic colleagues we worked with. Had a lot of support from our friends as well, so all in all a very positive experience. Bit knackered though!

Now the weather has turned total summer and we are boiling throughout the day. Working very early morning and late at night.

Lots of storms around but sadly no water falling out of the sky. Basil, coriander thyme, rosemary, lovage, sorrel, verbena, geraniums, lobelia, antirrhynums, sage, parsley, sarriette, mint mint and mint and lots of others all doing ok.

All the plants are in the garden now so it is easier to distribute 300 litres of water every evening in the same general area!

Looking forward to the rest of June and maybe a little slow down in July. Tour de France starts  soon, so I for one will be glued to French TV during the mountain stages! Vive le Tour